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NTCS means New techniques of Combat Shooting, in its original language it is Nouvelles Tehniques de Tir de Combat. It is a shooting system of new techniques of combat shooting. It is flexible, divided into levels and is designed for individuals or groups. It can be customized for individual skill levels. The original form of the New technics of combat shooting originally came from Switzerland over 20years ago. In Switzerland only target shooting was taught at that time. Then target shooting was integrated into a system that was called Nouvelles Technigues de Tir de Combat –NTTC.

From the primary manipulation up through solving malfunctions and other possible situations, the system of the New techniques of combat shooting must be considered as a whole unit. This is about a modern and progressive system which is constantly being up-dated based on the development of new methods and customer feedback.

Starting points of the system include:

  1. Complete independence and responsibility of each shooter
  2. Early identification of dangers and targets
  3. Three types of firing which guarantee 100% success

We must never forget that according to statistics:

  1. The first 80 % of those who died or were injured during the exercise of a profession , were caused by an unloaded gun or a defect in it
  2. All professionals should try to avoid injury or death associated with poor handling errors ( 2,500 deaths resulted due to errors)
  3. Fighting itself takes an average of slightly more than three seconds , consumes less than three rounds and is at a distance of seven meters
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