New Techniques of Combat Shooting


I decided that I wanted to learn the skills of shooting...

                                                                       ...I´m looking for a way?

How to begin?

The system of New techniques of combat shooting is different:

  • than in training in armed security forces,
  • than in training to shoot in armed security forces,
  • than a standard commercial education and training in shooting with firearms whose gist is very often used in the two examples above,
  • than the system of Israel combat shooting.

Our experience speaks about diversities and that´s why it´s necessary to begin from basic courses, i.e. Module 1and 2 even if you are experienced shooters. Primarily, it is needed to master the basics as an individual. After that to learn to work in a big team.

Basic courses:

The Handgun Module 1 and with follow-up The Handgun Module 2

The Assault rifle/carbine Module 1 and with follow-up The Assault rifle/carbine Module 2

The Submashine-gun Module 1

The Shot-gun Module 1

Each Module takes one-day

+420 778 070 107

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